Sērfa dēlis Torq Fish Carbon 6.6

Maksā 3 vienādās daļās 3 x 176.33


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Torq Surfboards are the only boards in the world that are manufactured in high-precision molds that have been CNC milled from a piece of an aluminum block. You will achieve a consistently high quality and an incomparable finish from the first to the last board.

Torq’s unique combination of sophisticated materials and high technology construction delivers a surfboard that offers performance at an extremely high level. The result: Super light shapes with lively flex that are also super robust and durable at the same time. Your new Torq board will inspire you – from your first wave to the last!

6’6 ” x 21 ” x 2 5/8 ”
198.12 x 53.34 x 6.67
Volume: 40 liters
Construction: Epoxy EPS molding
Fin system: Futures
Recommended for body weight: 55-85kg Scope of

A fine-tuned modern fish design with a full nose and wide mid point, clean balanced curves lead into a wide swallow tail.

Fin Setup:
5 Fin Futures box set up – Thruster or Quad
3 Fins – Futures template F6

Bottom Shape:
A single concave entry, blending into a V with a slight double concave running all the way out through the tail. We call it the V-Twin; maximum acceleration and rail hold.

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