Sērfa dēlis Torq Epoxy Tet 8.0

Maksā 3 vienādās daļās 3 x 189.67


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With its balanced dimensions the torq 8’0’’ delivers the ultimate allround design. First timers to advanced surfer will enjoy this versatile go-to board. A modern mini-mal outline. A squash tail and a full smooth blending nose template complete the overall outline curves.

FIN SETUP: 3 Fin Futures box set up – Thruster; 3 Fins – Futures template F6
BOTTOM SHAPE: Slight single concave entry, blending into a V with a slight double concave (2mm maximum at the wide point of the board) carrying all the way through to the tail.

ROCKER: A low entry rocker with slight nose lift, combined with a fast midsection with enough tail release to keep the board fast and loose.

Size/Length: 8.0

Width: 22

Height: 3

Volume: 60

Colour: WHITE

Finbox: futures




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