Carver Roundhouse ECO-MAG Wheels 65mm 81A

Maksā 3 vienādās daļās 3 x 17.33


Carver surf-skate riteņi.

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65mm / 81a: Grippy and fast rolling just like the 70MM Mag, but lighter and more compact.
Hardened to an 81A to keep a fast roll with the smaller diameter.

Roundhouse Ecothane Mag Wheels

Colour – Aqua
Size – 65mm
Hardness – 81A
Sold as a set of four

We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and create a more eco-friendly rider experience. The Roundhouse Ecothane Mag 65MM 81A is made in the USA from a unique formula that incorporates soybeans to offset the reliance on petroleum-based urethane. The new Roundhouse Mag wheel profile’s flexible lip brings additional grip to keep your wheels engaged with the pavement as you flow from turn to turn and offers an incredibly smooth ride.

Like all of the Roundhouse wheels, these are center-set which allows you to rotate your wheels for even wear, extending their usable life. Grab a set of these earth-loving wheels and go skate for a cleaner tomorrow!

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