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Jaunais Vayu Aura radīts sērfošanai pa viļņiem. Aura modelis izstrādāts ar domu, lai braucējs foilojot pa vilni varētu koncentrēties  uz braukšanu, nevis uz inventāra kontroli. Aura planē līdzi braucējam un ļauj baudīt vilni.
Aura komplektā ietilpst gan boom tipa gan, arī tradicionālie cilpveida auduma rokturi. Braucējs var izvēlētieskurus lietot un ātri nomainīt vienu pret otru.
Vayu konstrukcija veidota no premium klases materiāliem, kas ir viegli un izturīgi. Viss ir pārdomāts līdz sīkumam.

Introducing the new AURA VAYU lightweight wing, perfectly balanced, built for effortless floating behind you. Featuring our proprietary center strut design which offers you the most Control over the wing when needed. Side or rotational movements are eliminated since the handles are firmly locked into the Center strut. Being superlight and balanced, this AURA will float and basically disappear when riding a wave. The soft and forgiving Frame will help you stump new tricks with ease.

-High performance wave wing with great drift ability.
-High blanced and neutral in your hands and when freewinging
-Includes 2 x soft handles that are easy to exchange for the boom-system (included in the package)

THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION of the Aura has been extremely successful in reducing the overall weight, making it incredibly light and floaty. All the details combined lead to impressive stability, balance and easy planning.

RIGID STRUT FRAME DESIGN with high canopy tension creates a stable centre profile with exceptional windrange, upwind performance and balanced depower for reduced lift when towing.

TWO INFLATION VALVES with large diameter inlet/outlet hose for rapid inflation and deflation. Bayonet style inflation valve compatible with most pumps. No adapter needed. Allows for a fine-tuned pressure differential between the leading edge and the centerstrut.


Premium High performance D2 Ripstop Fabric. Made with high tenacity polyester yarn for lightness, tear strength and endurance providing the highest strength-to-weight ratio and best durability in the industry.

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4.0m2, 5.0m2, 6.0m2

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