Buras komplekts RRD SUP SAIL & RIG MK3


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Vindsērfinga buras komplekts, kas paredzēts izmantošanai tieši ar SUP dēli. Kompakts, vienkāršs un ērti saliekams. Ar šo buru būs viegli apgūt vindsērfinga pamatus un pieredzei augot izmantot to burāšanai gan ar SUP gan vindsērfinga dēli.


A complete rig designed to convert your SUP or AIRSUP into a windsurf board. Whether you want to take your first steps into the sport of windsurfing, or maybe you just want to make use of that light breeze, the SUPSAIL is the easy solution to increase your time and enjoyment on the water. The Supsail is available in a range of sizes to suit everyone, down to the smallest of children. Each rig pack has everything you need to get on the water. Sail, mast, boom, base, uphaul and UJ. Designed to be as small as possible for storage. The larger sizes feature a 3 pcs. mast and folding panels. This is the perfect sail to hit the water for the first time and enjoy what windsurfing has to offer.


Simple design – 1 or 2 batten design for simplicity and ease of rigging
Compact design – Larger sizes feature folding panel and 3 pc mast for improved portability
Built in rigging instructions – simple to follow rigging instructions built into the bag
Mechanical UJ – Specially designed for use with a SUP.

• Sail – 5 sizes. 1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5/5.5
• Mast (2 pcs mast for 1.5/2.5/3.5. 3 pcs mast for 4.5/5.5)
• Boom (fixed on 1.5 size Vario all other sizes)
• Base
• Uphaul
• Mechanical UJ
• Bag with rigging instructions


“We took the old Sup Sail and made it even better. Thanks to developments in the new Compact series we applied some additional features to the larger sizes of Sup sail to help the length of the bag to a minimum. By using a folding panel the 4.5 and 5.5 roll up much smaller and together with the 3 pc masts the whole rig package fits even easier in the back of the car”.

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1.5m2, 2.5m2, 3.5m2, 4.5m2, 5.5m2