Spinera 12V SUP Pump, 16 PSI


Elektriskais pumpis.

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– SUP high pressure
– pump stops automatically
– small innovative design
– digital LCD and touch button

material: ABS + PA (orange and black color)
voltage: DC 12V
pressure: 16PSI
accessories: cable: 3M, a hose 100cm with a nozzle Air
flow: 70L / min
Product size: 23x14x12cm
Advantage: Set the PSI first, the pump will stop automatically when it reaches the set pressure Has.
Function: High pressure pump for inflating tents, boats, SUPs, etc.
5 different valve adapters are included in the scope of delivery

Inflation time 10.10 sup 15 cm:
for 10 PSI – approx. 15 minutes
for 15 PSI – approx. 20 minutes