Solarez Microlite Epoxy UV Repair Filler


Remonta komplekts sērfa dēlim (EPS)


UV staru ietekmē cietējošs epoksīds dažādu dēļu remontam. Saules gaismā vai zem UV lampas sacietē dažu minūšu laikā.

Solarez Microlite Epoxy is a white filler made of high-strength UV-curing resin and super-light additives that effectively repairs all types of surfboard foams, including styrofoam (EPS). This putty hardens in about 3 minutes when exposed to sunlight or artificial UV light. It’s very easy to shape and sand, which makes it a very easy-to-use repair tool.

(for superficial damage less than 6mm deep)
– Apply in the shade.
– To make it easier to shape and to accelerate the hardening process, cover the wet resin with a sheet of transparent foil (preferably Mylar). You can easily adapt the resin to the contour of the plate.
– Expose to sunlight for 3 minutes.
– Peel off the plastic film and finish with sandpaper.

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