RRD BELUGA Y26 E-TECH 170cm Wing Foil Board

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You’ll use your foil to create your motion, ride, carve and jump in a feeling of pure freedom. The Beluga is fun to ride both in flatwater and in waves, it simply does the job whatever the conditions throw at you!


– Carry handle on the bottom for easy entry into the water.
– Special deck concave shape for a comfortable and performing ride.
– Tail kicker to start foiling earlier and bevelled rails.
– Deep double concave bottom for smooth touch downs.
– Multiple straps position (double or single front straps) to chose your preferred set up.
– Specific reinforced foil box with 2 US slots to resist any stress.
– The 170 is convertible to windfoil as it floats enough to uphaul the sail and is well balanced when powered up at full speed.

RRD Beluga in E-tech Technology
Glass epoxy skin top and bottom. Our strongest technology, the E-TECH is made for those entering or starting windsurfing. Suitable for schools and centers that want maximum durability. On the deck it combines 2 glass layers of 300gr and 400gr together with the Wood 0,6 mm which is the most resistant material available. The bottom has a thick glass layer of 450 gr and reinforcements on both nose and tail for maximum impact resistance.


105170728.02 x US Slots

Short shape packed with volume to allow buoyancy and maneuverability once in the air.

Rails with a pronounced bevel to have a larger area to position your feet , but also less bottom surface to reduce drag during touch downs.

Pronounced double concave in the middle to the front section for smooth touh downs and a better overall performance.

Double front strap or single strap to chose your preferred set up for both flatwater or waves.

Full deck pad with colour coordination to help feet positioning, comfort and support.

Carry handle on the bottom for easy transport to the water of both the Beluga and the Wind Wing.


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