Mystic hidrotērps Majestic 5/3 Fzip



Majestic ir augstākās klases hidrotērps, kas izgatavatots no labākajiem un modernākajiem materiāliem. Majestic galvenais trumpis ir jaunais Yamamoto neoprēns – silts, elastīgs un viegls.

• Flaremesh odere – hidrotērpā iestrādāta mīksta un silta odere nodrošina siltumu svarīgākajās ķermeņa daļās. Flaremesh odere nodrošina daudz lielāku siltumu salīdzinot ar neoprēnu bez oderes.
• Yamamoto 39 neoprene – tehniski pārākais neoprēns Mystic klāstā. Izgatavots Japānā ar modernākajām tehnoloģijām, Yamamoto 39 neoprēns ir ļoti elastīgs, viegls un silts.
Majestic hidrotērpa muguras un krūšu daļā ir iestrādāts panelis, kas pasargā no vēja un dod papildus siltumu šai svarīgajai ķermeņa daļai.
• 100% waterproof stretch taping – no iekšpuses papildus izolētas šuves, kas ūdenim neļauj iekļūt hidrotērpā. Hidrotērpa šuves ir līmētas un nošūtas  GBS (Glued Blind Stitched), kas kopā ar stretch taping nodrošina elastīgāko un vieglāko šuvju savienojumu.



  • Waterproof stretch taping (100%): all seams
  • GBS (Glued Blind Stitch)
  • Wind Mesh back panel
  • YKK Front-zip
  • Aquabarrier
  • Glideskin neck construction
  • Hex-tech kneepads
  • Velcro ankle closure straps (included)
  • Non slip cuffs
  • Key pocket 2.0: keyloop with mini buckle
  • Aquaflush

Front-zip. With a horizontal zipper on the chest, wetsuits with a Double Front-zip open from the top. This construction allows for an easier entry. Front-zip suits have more stretch in the back panel which gives you a lot more freedom of movement.

Aquabarrier. Aquabarrier is a silicone printing on the collarbone region of your wetsuit. This forms a barrier between the overlapping front-zip panels preventing water from entering.

Aquaflush. Wipe out or simply needed to take a leak? The perforated neoprene patches on the lower leg, that we like to call Aquaflush, will ensure that all liquids exit the suit easily.

Key pocket 2.0: keyloop with mini-buckle. An external neoprene key pocket conveniently positioned on the lower leg of the suit. The standard key loop is now equipped with a mini-buckle to release your key with ease while making sure your key is safe inside.

Waterproof stretch taping 100%. A high durable taping used inside the suit to avoid leaking and keep it flexible and warm.

Glued blind stitched. Stitching method whereby the panels are first glued together and then only stitched halfway through the fabric instead of fully perforating it, which makes the seams waterproof.



  • Yamamoto 39
  • Knitflex+
  • Flaremesh+ in chest and back
  • Fox Fleece in lower body

Yamamoto 39.  is an eco-friendly limestone neoprene that is considered one of the best neoprenes in the market. The high stretch ratio and top-notch insulation will let you perform better and more comfortable than ever before.

Knitflex+. In case you like good looks plus a lot of flexibility, Knitflex+ lining is definitely your thing. This outer lining offers the highest all-directional stretch ratio combined with a luxury look and soft touch feeling.

Flaremesh+ Flaremesh lining has a carbon backing and is topped with big terry loops. This creates a high pile for a soft touch, extra insulation and quick-dry capabilities. Flaremesh is our warmest inner lining yet.

Fox Fleece. Big loops in the fabric create a high pile lining that holds air for extra insulation. It holds less water enhancing the fast-drying abilities of the fabric. With its superior stretch performance in all directions it’s super suitable for every panel in all of our suit.