MANERA Magma Meteor 5-4-3mm Front Zip Wetsuit

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The MAGMA 5.4.3mm is the weapon of choice if you want to spend the whole winter in the water. It is the suit our cold water team is using in Iceland, Vancouver or Sweden.

The Meteor Magma is built for the cold and windy winter days 5-10 °C.
The Magma+ is one of the best material out there: not only its fleece works as an effective insulator and heat generator, but it is manufactured to be extremely flexible to keep even the thickest suit very stretchy. In addition, it dries 30% faster than a classic fleece, you’ll never have to put on a wet wetsuit again.

It is the wetsuit of your choice if you don’t want to stay home during winter sessions.

Magma Fleece Plus is a super warm inner lining with water-draining channels that dries 30% faster and weighs 10% less than classic fleece
Re-flex Skin is the outer lining material of your wetsuit that provides you with extreme flexibility and durability while helping you to make your movements more explosive
Air Foam is a very light limestone-based neoprene foam, which offers enhanced comfort, great insulation, more stretch and therefore less fatigue
Sealing Print is used around the ankles and wrists to hold the cuffs in place and keep the water out
Back Knee Emboss is used at the hollow of the knee for added comfort to allow the knees to bend more naturally
Water Strainer uses perforated neoprene panels that act as drainage and help you get rid of water that accumulates on your lower legs.

  • Flexibility = 90%
  • Warmth = 90%
  • Comfort = 100%

SD2 tape 2.0
The neoprene layers are glued together and then “blind-stitched” (the needle does not go through the neoprene layer completely). Then the SD² tape is welded to the seam by an air heater machine. This innovative process brings more durability, waterproofness and flexibility to our wetsuits.

Triplex MAGMA
The Triplex MAGMA is designed for warmth.

Re-flex skin / Protection
Air-foam / Insulation
Magma + / Warmth & fast drying

These three materials brought together create a warm, durable and comfortable wetsuit.

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