Longborda dēlis Mindless Surf Skate





“Surf skate” dēļi ir noderīgi gan sērfot gribētājiem kustību analīzei un progresam uz viļņa, gan arī tiem, kas vienkārši vēlas eleganti manevrēt pa pilsētu vai apgūt ko jaunu. Tie, kam interesē viļņu braukšana ar surf, kite, sup vai kādu citu dēli, šī ir laba iespēja patrennēties bezviļņu periodā un piedevām vēl alternatīvs transporta līdzeklis pilsētas sastrēgumos.

Our Surf skate has been designed for the rider who loves to carve, pump and reminisce of heavy waves. If you’ve never caught a wave before, don’t fret! This board is stable enough for any rider to step on. Customisable & supplied with two hardness bushing for heavier & lighter riders.
What makes the board a surf skate? Our Surf Skate truck differs front to rear truck achieving the perfect fast, tight, progressive ride. Fast turns, snappy cut backs and super smooth carving perfect for all levels of riding.
We tested every setup we could to get the smoothest ride possible.Washers, pivot cups, bushing hardness and heights were tirelessly swapped and tweaked to make the most of the precision geometry.

Type of Board Surf Skate 30 x 9.5”
Dimensions and Wheelbase Length 30 Inches

Width 9.5 Inches

Deck construction and info 7 ply Canadian Maple

Bottom Stain Ply

Trucks Mindless Surf Skate Truck
Bushings 82a Fitted as standard, Spare set provided 78a
Wheels Mindless Viper 65 x 44mm, Contact patch 31mm, Centre Set Core­­­­

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