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When your fantasy runs free and you want to ride a wave, no matter of how big it is. You want to float, pump your lightair kite and just jump in the water. But there is only one thing you do not want to compromise: turn as tight and smooth as possible on that pocket.The minimaxi says it all. Super short length in a width common only to longboards. A totally constant curve scooprocker line with absolutely no flat spots at all, since there is no hesitation when you go maxi wide on a mini length like this. You want and you will turn on the Minimaxis. No doubt you will be able to catch anything and cranck those turns. Not only that, sine the smooth rails and the bottom curve will project you for the next section in total control. At the end of the first ride, all you think will be: why didn’t I ride a board like this before?

Answer: because they did not exist.

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5'2, 5'4

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