Kaitborda dēlis RRD JUICE V5



Kaitborda dēlis frīstailam un veikstilam. Komplektā neietilpst stiprinājumi.


The fifth version of the Juice board is the ultimate wakestyle/freestyle board of our range. For 2019, a larger biaxial carbon strip has been added on the deck of the board; giving it more rigidity and reducing reverse flex to almost none. What does that mean? This is the stiffest Juice, with the most pop, ever made and it will still provide those smooth, buttery landings. The V5 will keep the characteristic outline of the previous version with the addition of a revised, more narrow, stance option. In order to achieve this, we have increased the progressive scoop rocker line which now offers the perfect match between controlled landings and glide speed. 

Undoubtedly, you’ll love the Juice V5. Especially if you want an explosive freestyle board that will shred flat water, eat-up chop, and withstand regular abuse from, sliders, kickers, and rails behind the kite or cable.

Witness the stiffness and find out why this Juice is worth the squeeze!

New features

  • Additional Biaxial Carbon strip has been added to the deck; giving it more rigidity and reducing the reverse flex to almost none
  • Increased progressive scoop rocker line which now offers more controlled landings and forward speed
  • Narrower stance settings for ninja spins and smaller riders.


  • Constant outline shape, this gives you a more rounded pop and smoother curves
  • Hull channels on nose, tips, and mid outline, that propels water across the board and gives it incredible speed, grip, and tracking capabilities
  • HD biaxial fibers lay-up
  • Lamination technology that results in less negative flex and a more rigid bottom combined with slightly more flex from the top. This results in a perfect weapon of choice for your wake style tricks through a more explosive pop, increased speed control and reduced vibration
  • Torsion box; more strength and reduced torsion. The unidirectional carbon reinforcements layers makes the board stronger and stiffer which allows you to pop like a boss as well as providing you more stability and control on landings
  • Upgraded Slick Base for sliding and grinding obstacles or using it as a great cross-over board to the cable park
  • Aggressive curve on the rockerline that gives you a smoother landing and better performance on choppy water
  • Different size breakdown, to cater for every size of rider
  • Reinforced symmetrical inserts, instead of asymmetrical rails, for simple boots adjustments combined with 30% more pull strength and 10% weight reduction
  • More rounded tips for maximum control on choppy water.


JUICE V5 40136 x 404 x Juice 2,5 G -1050 – 60 KG24JU40
JUICE V5 41138 x 414 x Juice 2,5 G -1060 – 75 KG24JU41
JUICE V5 42140 x 424 x Juice 2,5 G -1070 – 80 KG24JU42
JUICE V5 43143 x 434 x Juice 2,5 G -1080 – 95 KG24JU43