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RRD Xtra Rig Y26 buras komplekts, kas piemērots iesācējiem un vidēja līmeņa braucējiem.

Komplektā iekļauts viss nepieciešamais buras uztākelēšanai: 

430/460 cm, 30% karbona SDM masts

170 – 220 cm, 29mm, T9 alumīnija bomis

35 cm alumīnija pagarinātājs

“tendon joint” masta pēda


Soma visam komplektam.

Pieejamie izmēri:

5.5 m2

6.0 m2

6.5 m2

7.0 m2

7.5 m2


RRD X-TRA Y26 Rig Kit– A User Friendly Intermediate Freeride Rig
RRD has designed this X-TRA sail as accessible and easy to use Freeride Sail. Super light weight, yet large adaptive tuning and versatile range. The 5 batten profile is ideal for a wide range of rider styles and abilities. Available in 5 sizes 5.5/6.0/6.5/7.0 /7.5. The Rig includes: Alloy RRD T-9 boom, 2-pc 30% Carbon SDM mast, EP Alloy SDM Mast extension, 1-bolt EP base, uphaul, and a Rig bag to keep it all together in one place.

Sail Features:
– Light weight Monofilm sail construction.
– 5 battens –provide great control and maneuverability.
– New additional stretch control seam through the window for improved stability.
– Compact Series Batten Tensioner – for even easier and quicker rigging.
– Kevlar reinforced anti stretch seams incorporated into the batten pocket construction.
– Stretch control strip
– Diagonal load bearing seams to control Dacron stretch in the main power zone.
– Performance construction – Complex mix of materials throughout the sail to give the perfect blend of light weight, strength and style.
– ITS Rigging guide.
– A built in Tack fairing to protect your feet.

Xtra Rig Kit Features:
Mast = 30% carbon C30 2pc SDM mast. 430 =5.5-6.5, 460 = 7.5.
Boom = 170-220 29mm grip T9 Alloy with RDM boom head (4 pc boom)
Extension = SDM 35 cm Alloy EP
1 – bolt tendon EP base
Rig Bag.

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5.5m2, 6.0m2, 6.5m2, 7.0m2, 7.5m2

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