Balansa dēlis 15th June Experiment


Balansa dēlis līdzsvara iemaņu attīstīšanai.


Balansa dēlis ļaus Jums attīstīt savas līdzsvara iemaņas, veiklību, nostiprinās muskulatūru, un tādējādi pilnveidos Jūsu prasmes uz jebkura dēļa (skeita, longborda, sērfa, veikborda vai snovborda). Ražots Latvijā!

Handcrafted Balance Boards from Soap Hill neighborhood in Riga, Latvia!

Balance Board is a universal training tool for all fitness levels. It helps to develop your vestibular system, strengthen your ligaments and shape both your core muscles (stomach & waist) and lower body (thighs, hamstrings, hips). It is a fun way to improve your balance and body control for any board experiences such as surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding and others. Perfect for beginners and younger users.

Balance board will enhance and can be combined with many other exercises, weight training, calisthenics and yoga to name a few. It will also give you a winning edge in sports where sense of balance is important – football, hockey, tennis, martial arts, dance and many more.