Aztron 34″ Forest surfskate


Surf – skate longborda dēlis, kas palīdzēs apgūt arī sērfošanai noderīgas iemaņas.

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Aztron 34″ X 9.75″ Forest surf-skate longborda dēlis, kas palīdzēs apgūt arī sērfošanai noderīgas iemaņas.



Deck: 5-ply of rock maple with Canadian maple wood on deck and bottom

2021 Ocean inspired print

Sandwich deck color insert

Board width at 9.75″ and a swallow fish tail makes the board responsive and turny

Tail kick pad

Surf style truck with ABEC 7 aluminum bearing for stable and controllable ride

Mid-size board for most riders

65*51mm 78A wheels aqua


The STREET & FOREST range features a surf-style truck system based on a mechanism including an adjustable spring. The user has the feeling of surfing on the road that gives the shorter range of boards the tightest turning radius of the lineup. Our surfskate range is engineered for performance and precision skating that brings you so much closer to surfing on concrete. We aim to offer the completely free motion of the front truck system mimic the movement of surfing.


The ABEC 7 bearing offers durable performance and exceptional roll speed. The premium bearing make the trucks turn quickly while maintaining a stable feel overall.


The 65mm/78A wheels add excellent grip and maximum comfort to the riding. The mid to soft wheels encourage the rider to pump and generate speed like a surfer normally would on a surfboard – these skates are the real thing.


Inspired by the surfboard, the FOREST 34 offers a mid-size deck that is great for most of the riders. It also features a surfboard inspired swallow fish tail that offers extra fun of the board. It effective increases maneuverability and gives quick cutbacks just like opening up new lines on the wave.


The STREET 31 and FOREST 34 board decks are built with 5+2 (Rock Maple with Canadian Maple) plies on the top and bottom. These boards are extremely durable yet budget friendly. the compact deck size and medium concave also makes the range easy to ride and control.

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C7, CX

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