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The A-Wing is powerful! This is primarily because the aerofoil section has been carefully developed so meter for meter the A-Wing is one of the most powerful wings on the market. This power makes riding easy, especially gaining enough speed to get on the foil or deep water starting a short board. Once on the fly, the balance of power between the front and rear hand is similar which makes it comfortable and less physically fatiguing for longer riding sessions.

The solid airframe of the A-Wing is the second ingredient to power and performance. We found that the stiffer airframe helps dramatically when pumping the wing for power in light winds and also holding its shape in powered conditions or jumping. The thickness of the leading edge is not only for structural stability it’s also defining the nose radius of the aerofoil section that generates the power of the wing in flight!

We refined the A-Wing design to be well balanced in a wide range of conditions. It is strong in terms of construction and durability but as light as possible in design for that perfect balance. We trimmed off all the excess fat because we could feel the difference the lighter we made it. It floats better on the front handle when riding waves or swells and feels more maneuverable when tacking, gybing or tricking around!


Leading edge and strut Material – Dimension Polyant Dacron (Germany)
Sail Material – Teijin T9669 D3 (Japan)
The leading edge and strut have Aramid reinforced cloth on all high load and stress points.
Internal tape reinforces all seams on the leading edge and strut.
Double layer of Dacron and Aramid cloth reinforces the strut to leading edge connection.
High volume inflate and deflate valves make setup and pack down a breeze. The leading edge and the strut, inflate and deflate separately.

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