Buras komplekts SUP SAIL & RIG





Vindsērfinga buras komplekts, kas paredzēts izmantošanai tieši ar SUP dēli. Kompakts, vienkāršs un ērti saliekams. Ar šo buru būs viegli apgūt vindsērfinga pamatus un pieredzei augot izmantot to burāšanai gan ar SUP gan vindsērfinga dēli.


It’s a new way to start windsurfing. With a new inflatable AIRSUP in your car you have already adventured for the first time in the middle of the sea, on your own. You have discovered the sensation of freedom on the water and being able to move on its surface in total control. Then, one day you suddenly find some wind and your paddle is no longer able to push you well enough forward. You realize you could use a sail on your board

The Sails:

A 1,5 sqms for kids from 5 to 8 years old
A 2,5 sqms for kids from 8 to 11 years old
A 3,5 sqms for kids from 11 to 13 years old
A 4,5 sqmts < 65 Kg
A 5,5 sqmts > 65 Kg.

Additional information


1.5m2, 2.5m2, 3.5m2, 4.5m2, 5.5m2