RRD hidrotērps Grado Steamer (2/2)


165.00 115.00

RRD hidrotērps. Sazinieties ar mums par izmēru pieejamību.


RRD hidrotērps 2/2 mm biezūmā.

The Grado line offers the more simple, affordable and precisely summer orientated use: built with superstretch neoprene on the upper part and standard neoprene on the legs, these versatile wetsuits will offer and great comfort of use and price level thanks to a more simple and durable seam technology, the flatlock.


• Softskin waterlock collar

• 60% Stretchy&Tough Limestone Neoprene

• 40% Super Stretch Neoprene on shoulders and underarms

• Key pocket

• Flatlock tech

• Work’n’flex knee panels

• Drain holes

• Ankle water lock straps

• 25% Mesh Neoprene