Piepūšamais SUP dēlis RRD Mega Air Sup


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The MEGAIRSUP is designed and built  to ride with 6-10 paddlers on-board.Its enormous size  of 500 cms long  x 187 cms wide,  a thickness of  20 cms and a volume of 1550 liters makes it a real boat to be powered by paddle strokes.Use it on the waves to surprisingly exhilarating rides and endless challenges with lots of friends on its deck. On flat water it becomes a platform to pretty much do whatever you can imagine. Extensively used by SUP centers and schools to be used for team building programs.It’s  a new revolutionary device to explore the water and its endless possibilities.
  • Sandwich Dyneema belt
  • 60% Double skin construction
  • NO fin boxes, no fins supplied with this board
  • The board is equipped with an extra wide and long carry bag to be stored away or to be carried easily by two people from your car to the water.


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