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AIRSUP Convertible Plus ir izmantojams ne tikai kā SUP, bet arī kā vindsērfinga delis. Dēlim iespējams piestiprināt vindsērfinga buru un papildus spuru. Dēlis ir pietiekoši liels un stabils lai uz tā varētu apgūt vindsērfinga iemaņas arī iesācēji. Dēli un tā piederumus var salikt lielākas mugursomas izmēra somā, kuru ir viegli pārvadāt pat braucot ar velosipēdu.




The new inflatable SUP boards program equipped with a windsurfing mast attachment hole and an innovative removable center and rear fin system that will re-write the history of windsurfing.

The boards can be used both as an SUP board or as a special inflatable windsurfboard.

Used in combination with the new SUP SAIL and RIG, each CONV PLUS+ model is now the perfect choice to discover watersports with the whole family.

The AIRSUP 9’8” CONV PLUS is the perfect small/mid size board good to ride waves as an SUP, and enjoy learning how to windsurf . Planing on this board and jibing will be a pure thrill. Very manouverable, quick to plane and lightweight!

The AIRSUP 10’2” CONV PLUS is the central size of the range with which we have started our Inflatable Boards collection. It’s the one-for-all board that will introduce anyone straight to any watersport in the blink of an eye.

The AIRSUP 10’4” CONV PLUS is the most appropriate type of SUP board to also learn how to windsurf. With its 34” of width it makes it super easy for anyone to step on, paddle or uphaul a sail. It’s the most popular size for families who wish to find a board to satisfy everyone. Also available with a 6” thick profile, to enhance stiffness for heavy weights and it’s an easier board to paddle or windsurf, thanks to its increased floatation.

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10'2x32x4, 10'4x34x4, 10'4x34x6, 9'8x32x4

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