Longborda dēlis Mindless Voodoo Cayuga II



Mindless Voodoo Cayuga II ir augstākās kvalitātes nobraucienu longborda dēlis  ar pazeminātu klāju. Simetriskais klājs ar uzliektām malām labākai kāju fiksācijai, izgatavots no bambusa un kanādas kļavas. Labi derēs ne tikai pilsētas ielās, bet arī lielam ātrumam “downhill” nobraucienos.



The Mindless Cayuga II has a lightweight switch deck with a subtle upturned nose and tail, micro-drop platform and W-concave to lock the rider’s feet in place.

The truck and wheel combination gives a fast and aggressive yet stable ride.

Not only is this board the talk of the town for it’s awesome list of specs, it also has a great deal to offer in terms of it’s look. Just flip it over and check out the detailed, hand drawn graphic!

The strong, sharp and curvy vine is the perfect representation of what this board has to offer!