Longborda dēlis Mindless Sanke II DT Longboard


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Longbordi ar pazeminātu klāju dos papildus stabilitāti un mazāku piepūli atsperoties un veicot lielākus attālumus. Šis dēlis derēs lai vizinātos pilsētas ielās un arī kādam ātrākam nobraucienam.



Being a drop through board, your centre of gravity is lower, giving you greater stability as you ride. The 7″ reverse kingpin trucks allow you to change the caster angle around to give you quicker or slower turning, depending on how you prefer to ride.

This is a great starter board for anyone who wants to cruise around or maybe give downhill bombing a little try and the cutouts allow you to carve freely, while really leaning into those turns.

Sanke II Specs

LENGTH: 99.06cm / 39 inches
WIDTH: 24.13cm / 9.5 inches
SHAPE: Classic switch drop thru
CONSTRUCTION: 7-ply Canadian maple
TRUCKS: 7 inch RK trucks with tumbling finish
WHEELS: PU Cast 70mm 80A
R.M.W: 14st / 90kg / 195lbs
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