Longborda dēlis Mindless Lakota DT IV


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Longbordi ar pazeminātu klāju dos papildus stabilitāti un mazāku piepūli atsperoties un veicot lielākus attālumus. Šis dēlis derēs lai vizinātos pilsētas ielās un arī kādam ātrākam nobraucienam.


Mindless’ ever-popular Lakota DT series has been updated, proudly showing off its beautiful Zebra wood veneer complimented by a subtle mountain scene artwork.

Every board will be unique and truly beautiful, almost too good to ride.

Adjustable drop-through cutouts bring the board closer to earth enabling a super stable, confidence inspiring board. Equipped with our largest Haraka wheels, this board will get great top speed and fitted with Mindless Talisman V2 Trucks, the ride is incredibly stable.


Type of Board DT directional board
Dimensions and Wheelbase Length: 40”

Width: 9.75”

Wheelbase: 30”

Deck construction and info 2 ply bamboo + 6-ply Canadian Maple

Zebra Veneer Bottom ply

Epoxy deck with DT truck mounts

Trucks Talisman V2
Bushings 94a SHR RACE BLACK MOJO urethane
Wheels Black Haraka 75mm 84A SHR Mojo Urethane
Bearings Mindless Precision bearings
Maximum Rider Weight 90kg

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