Kaitborda dēlis RRD PLACEBO V5


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Universāls kaitborda dēlis frīraidam


Universāls dēlis frīraidam, trikiem un kaitošanai dažāos apstākļos. Piemērots kā iesācējam, tā braucējam kas vēlas progresēt frīstailā.
Placebo konstrukcija labi absorbē “čopu”, dēlis ir patīkami un viegli braucams. Izturīgā konstrukcija ar koka serdi un triecienus absorbējošām kantēm ļaus dēlim kalpot ilgi.

Our reference line of kiteboards developed specifically for freeriding. Since its first introduction, the PLACEBO represents accessibility, thanks to its generous width and length and also to the the correct flex and feet response dynamics. The Placebo V5 biaxal fibers layup and profile design creates the perfect mix of comfortable but fun and sportive feel on the water. Slices chops like butter and turns smoothly under your feet allowing precise turns with firm grip and bite. The new tips outline of the Placebo V5 with a slight concave “rounded” swallow tip design, has increased the POP of the boards creating a more “freestyle” orientated type of behaviour when pushing on the pedal. A reference board that keeps improving version after version.

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