Kaitborda dēlis RRD Bliss V4


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Kaitborda dēlis


BLISS 39 V4 135 x 39 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 22BLS39
BLISS 40 V4 136 x 40 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 22BLS40
BLISS 41 V4 137 x 41 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 22BLS41
BLISS 42 V4 138 x 42 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 22BLS42
BLISS 43,5 V4 139 x 43,5 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 22BLS435


Only one word can describe the feeling of riding this board, Bliss. This progressive freeride/freestyle board grants a fantastic sensation of security while riding in an assortment of conditions. Pushing the board further into the freestyle realm will allow this incredible kiteboard to show its true nature. The Bliss has a great amount of speed, comfort, and pop that comes from the mix of medium flex coupled with easy landings.

The deeper bottom channels and the thin, slightly rounded ABS sidewalls allow this board to carve aggressively through the chop. This board can be controlled at high speeds and offers strong upwind performance. Load up the lines and take to the skies with this board to experience true Bliss.


  • Deep bottom channels
  • CNC shaped paulownia wood
  • Thin and slightly rounded ABS sidewall
  • Laminated with triaxial high tenacity glass

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39, 40, 41, 42, 43

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