Flying Wheels Ink Is Drug Longborda dēlis





Flying Wheels longborda dēlis piemērots ērtai manevrēšanai pilsētā. Atsperīgais klājs amortizēs gaitu un piedos papildus dzīvīgumu dēlim.



– Dimensions : 37” x 9.5”
– Construction : 5 Ply Can. Maple + 1 Fiberglass layer + 1 Bamboo layer
– Shape : Concave, Camber, Kicktail
– Trucks : Log 180mm
– Bushings : 90A Double conic
– Wheels : 65×52 mm / 78 A
– Bearings : Black Arrows (Abec9 Z3V3)
– Pads : Flat 3mm

At Flying Wheels, we take great pride in designing each of our products with the goal of providing the highest-accuracy longboard skate performance possible in the best price range across the board.
We strive to design and propose a range of the most versatile, high performing technical products answering to each speciality and use : cruising, carving, sliding, dancing, downhill, etc.
In addition, we use only the highest quality elements and the latest assembly and quality control techniques to ensures the reliability and wear and tear of our products.
Our reputation stands on our steadfast pursuit of this policy in longboard skate and accessories for all specialties.

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